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Now that people have greater access to information, the collaboration between a photo website and computer can be more effective than ever before. Compared to a decade ago, many more image download websites that provide high resolution pictures are available now. Unfortunately, the myriad of heavy stock photo websites that are open to all promise a lot but deliver overused images. People face the challenge of sorting through all these images. Read more infos about DPC in this other Dollar Photo Club Review here.

Why this Dollar Photo Club Review?

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A good image website knows its market, understand its users’ concerns and keeps on top of current trends in the image field. For photo enthusiasts, www.dollarphotoclub.com goes beyond just providing photos and virtual uploads and downloads. A savvy shopper can now perform detailed enhancement of their photos, get royalty free stock photos for less and add thousands of images to their personal folders. And just how effective is this website in ultimately creating that family album? Today’s member with Dollar Photo Club face an array of choices when it comes to online images. Take the time to review all your options before whittling them down to choose few that you would enjoy looking at every day. With a new membership and $1 an image you will get the best resolution and high quality snapshot.

dollar-photo-club-memberNarrowing Your Choices – Credits, Subscription or DPC?

Fotolia (Infos Wikipedia) stock photo company is the brainchild behind this website that mainly attracts heavy stock photo clients. The audience network is small because this website is exclusively reserved for it members. And the best part is, the images do not quickly become overused just like it happens in other photo websites because only members are accessing them. Currently, the Dollar Photo Club or DPC has more than 26 million images and vectors that are of high resolution. There are no hidden fees when you sign up and no commitment to make. By signing for a membership account, you are entitled to choose either a monthly stock photo subscription or an annual stock photo subscription. Each choice comes with various features like how many images you can upload or download. Features that are common to both types of subscriptions include unlimited print runs, royalty free licenses that are ready for business, unlimited usage of images, images that are social media ready and much else.

Between The Lines of Stock Image Plans

Plans differ. Which type of plan is right for you? A regular plan is only $10 per month that lets you download 10 highest quality images each month. And with annual plan for $99 per year, you can download up to 99 images. As you sign up for membership, you will realize that there are plenty of actions you can take to reach your photo album goal. There are number of features to help you manage your photo collection. Or if you prefer, you can seem download the images to your computer. By taking the time to learn these features you will get a good handle on how to use this website and see clearly what you can get. If you are not happy with the website you are also entitled to a risk free money back guarantee deal. Just ask for a refund within the first month and the company will gladly accept your request. You can contact their customer service at 800-692-3830 or email at Feedback@DollarPhotoClub.com. They will also help you analyze the plans and let you gain good grasp of its usage.

Last But Not Least – our final thoughts about the 1$ Photo Club!

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The prices are simplified for your convenience. With other photo websites, high quality, high-resolution images can cost anywhere from a few cents to up to hundreds of dollars. You may come across an image that is being sold for a cent and another image for 10 bucks. With this website, you know what you are paying collectively. You may view this option as a way to save money because you are paying a fixed price. There is no confusion with plans, all you need to do is choose the one that fits your tastes, interests and budget.

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