6 Recommended Sites for the World’s Cheapest Stock Photos

Finding the world’s cheapest stock photos online has just gotten a lot easier. In today’s post we’re simply going to spell out the best stock photo deals you can find online. Whether you’ve got a big business or just need access to a few high-quality royalty-free stock photos each week, these 6 recommended sites will give you the price and quantity that fits your budget.


  1. 99 Club

As one of the newest offerings for the cheapest stock photos, 99Club stands to be one of the best available on the web. Not only are there no download limits put onto you, you gain access to millions of stock photos with tens of thousands added every single month.

Perfect for business owners caught in the middle when it comes to finding the perfect stock photo solution, 99Club gives you access to 200 XXL stock photo images for an entire year at the low price of $99. Since every image you download from 99Club costs you just $0.49, this recommended site offers you some of the cheapest stock photos in the world.

Quality is always a top priority on this site so every image is high res and royalty-free. Plus if you download all 200 images and need more, every additional photo costs you just $1 always. For medium-sized and small businesses, this stock photo solution is top notch. It takes just minutes to sign up for Stock Photo Secrets 99club and for the low price of $99 you gain access to a full year’s worth of high-quality stock photos.


  1. StockPhotoSecrets Free Trial

Perhaps the easiest way to get the cheapest stock photos is to not have to pay for them at all. With the Stock Photo Secrets free trial, you gain access to 7 days of free stock photo downloads. Not only will you have the choice between over 2 million stock photos, you’ll also be able to search and browse vectors, icons, and illustrations.

With seven days of downloading, you will get a total of 35 free images to use for all of your creative and design projects. Every image you download through this free trial offer is yours forever and you have no obligation to continue.

Don’t hesitate on this offer because it won’t necessarily be available from us forever. Gain access to your 35 free images with no obligation by accepting the Stock Photo Secrets free trial offer today! Even if you already have stock photo subscription, sign up and download the free images. It’ll save you money.


  1. Dollar Photo Club

With perhaps the absolutely most simple business model in the stock photo industry, Dollar Photo Club (check DPC alternative here) stands by their promise that every image on their site costs just $1 always. Geared specifically for small businesses and solo-preneurs who don’t need hefty volumes of high-quality, royalty-free stock photos but still want access to the best, Dollar Photo Club offers a low cost way to get what you need.

Although 99Club has beaten Dollar Photo Club’s offer, people may still be interested in how low commitment this service is. For as little as $10 per month or $99 per year, businesses can gain access to 10 or 99 stock photos respectfully. Although this is not a good deal for larger businesses with high-volume stock photo needs, it does offer a solution to business owners, marketers, and graphic designers who need only a limited amount of stock photos every month or week.

To get started on Dollar Photo Club, you need to choice either the monthly or yearly subscription plan. For undisclosed reasons, the monthly plan only accepts about 30% of applicants while everyone can gain access to the $99 yearly subscription. If you’re looking for a hassle-free, cheap stock photo experience, this solution might work for you. If you use all the photos in your subscription and need more, don’t worry because you can download as many as you want for just $1 each.


  1. Fotolia

Perhaps one of the best options for companies with high-volume stock photo needs, Fotolia has just made gaining access to their vast archive of 35 million stock photos even easier and cheaper. Whether you choose their daily subscription plan or the monthly credit pack, you will have instant access to tons of high-resolution stock photos and vector images.

The subscription pack gives you some of the best prices per image if you use all your downloads. If you need 25 or more photos per day on a regular basis, Fotolia’s subscription plan will give you access to some of the cheapest stock photos in the world. For example, if you need 25 downloads per day, you have the choice of paying either $249 for 1 month at just $0.33 per image or save $668 by purchasing a yearlong subscription and drop the price per image down to just $0.26.

At Fotlia, the price per image gets extremely low as you opt in for a bigger subscription plan. If you need 500 downloads per day for example, you get each photo for just $0.19 when you buy a yearlong plan.

But if you don’t need that many photos you can also get the monthly credit packs and pays as you go. Besides offering some good prices per image, Fotolia is offering 20% off your first monthly stock photo pack. In each of these packs you get to download either XXL photos or medium images. For just $120, you get access to 100 XXL images or 200 medium images. That means you’re paying just $0.80 per XXL image and $0.40 per medium images.


  1. Big Stock Photo

Another great way to get the cheapest stock photos for your business without sacrificing quality is to sign up for the Big Stock Photo Free trial. This offer gives you access to BigStock’s huge selection of high-quality photos, vectors, and illustrations. Since you’ll be able to search and browse over 23 million royalty-free stock photos, your selection will be vast and unique.

The Big Stock free trial gives you access to 14 days of free photo downloads with 5 free downloads per day. Simply by signing up, you get 70 images for free that can be used for your business’s marketing or designs. That’s a $70 savings when compared to the Dollar Photo Club offer. Even after the trial is up, you can redownload images you’ve already licensed for no additional fee. BigStock also has great customer service even for people like you who are just using the free trial. They’re easy to reach at almost every time of the day so you’re questions and concerns are dealt with promptly and without delay.

When you sign up, you’ll instantly be able to browse and search through one of the world’s best stock photo companies. It’s easy to get started and is hassle-free. We recommend that you take advantage of these free stock photo trials because that is the best way for you to save money and still get the high quality photos you need.


  1. Deposit Photos

As a Stock Photo Secrets reader, we want to also extend to you some free credits at DepositPhotos. After you sign up for this free offer, you’ll find that you just got 5 free credits in your account that are ready to be used to start downloading amazing stock photos. Plus if you decide to upgrade and get a subscription, you’ll automatically get 15% off just for signing up for this free offer.

DepositPhotos offers you millions of high-resolution, royalty-free stock photos, vectors, illustrations, and HD video clips all in the same location. If you are looking for monthly or daily subscription plans. The prices get cheaper the more images as you subscribe to more images for longer periods of time. For example, if you subscribe to the 20 images per day for one month, you’ll pay only $0.30 per image. But if you subscribe for the same plan for a whole year each image only costs you $0.22. For people with larger volume stock photo needs, DepositPhotos offers a solution to gain you access to some of the cheapest stock photos available.

Finding the Cheapest Stock Photos for You

In order to take full advantage of our recommended options you will need to know what kind of stock photo needs your business has. In this article we’ve presented you the best places to get cheap stock photos. But depending on the volume of stock photos you need every week or month, the cheapest option for you will differ. If you’re uncertain about how many photos you need, we recommend starting with a free trial. But if you know you need photos regularly, sign up for 99Club.

Do you have any questions about getting access to the cheapest stock photos? Please share them in the comments today!

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