Adobe Stock Pricing and Plans: Which is the Best Option for You?

Creative Cloud users will most certainly benefit from using Adobe Stock as their primary stock photo source. The stock site is deeply integrated with CC desktop applications, such as Photoshop and Adobe illustrator. This allows CC users to license, access and manage images directly inside their favorite editing software.

Adobe Stock was launched in mid-2015, after the Adobe acquired the stock photo agency Fotolia. They have a very strong and valuable offer for creative professionals around the world.

All content in the stock photo website is royalty-free, meaning you can use them in any project for as long as you like. Adobe Stock offers various purchase options that meets your needs and budget.

  • Month-to-month Commitment. If you have one-off, unpredictable stock photo needs, this type of plan suits you. Adobe Stock’s monthly plans bring you flexibility. You can choose between 3 standards assets per month to 750 standard assets per month, whichever fits your creative needs and budget. All plans are cancellable anytime. They have no annual commitments. They also allow you to purchase additional images at super low prices.
  • Annual Commitment. Adobe Stock offers the best pricing with their subscription plans. The annual commitment, particularly, helps you save up to 20% on royalty-free images. Paid monthly, you can also download additional images for lower prices. Currently, the stock site offers a free trial for the 10 standard assets and 40 standard assets. This means you get the first month for free, cancel-risk free.
  • How about content that you can’t get with a plan? Adobe Stock has a solution for that. They offer credits for premium 3D, premium templates, premium images, and videos. The price varies depending on the stock file you want to download. Credit packs are available in the website. The larger the pack you purchase, the bigger your savings. They last for one year from purchase and don’t auto renew.

What is the best purchasing option for you?
With Adobe Stock, you can purchase images and videos through credits, plans or both. Plans are best for typical image needs. They are priced for value, are easily the most popular option among creatives. On the other hand, credits are best for content that are not included in subscription plans. They are priced for flexibility, and are the best deals for video and premium stock files. You can buy them separately, or combine them – whichever suits your creative needs.

Adobe Stock is a great and valuable stock photo agency for a number of reasons. But, the main advantage is its huge collection of high quality images. Over 100 million royalty-free photos are waiting to be discovered. And, the best part of it all is you can access them right inside your favorite Creative Cloud applications. Yes, you can preview watermarked images inside your design and get the approval of clients – saving you a lot of time and effort from reworks.

Is Adobe Stock the best stock image source for you? There is only one way to find out. Experience the stock agency at no cost at all with the Adobe Stock free trial and see how it meets your creative needs.

iStock Review: What You Need to Know about their Offers

iStock is one of the leading stock media agencies in the market. It is famous for its vast library of high quality stock assets and being one of the few stock sites that offer exclusive content. As a valuable source of affordable stock content, the stock site is a very reliable source of stock footage, images, and illustrations. It has been in the industry for over 15 years and are backed by the renowned Getty Images. If you are looking for unique stock footage, iStock is the place to go.

Here is an iStock review:

  • The stock media site has millions of footage clips in its collection that covers all themes and styles. You can purchase from Essentials collection, which is low-priced, or from the Signature collection for higher quality and exclusive stock footage. Whatever you need, you will surely find it here.
  • iStock offers various stock footage in different resolutions. Majority of the stock videos are in HD, including 4K. SD videos are also available.
  • All stock footage are available with royalty-free license. You can use them multiple times in any project for as long as you like for one-time flat fee.
  • Stock footages are priced based on collection and not by resolution. Essentials footages are available at 6 credits each. On the other hand, Signature footages can be bought at 18 credits each.
  • iStock also allows you to purchase footages a la carte with company credits. These credits never expire and offer discounts from regular credit price. Individual credit prices start at $12 each. Purchasing credit packs allow you to purchase them for as low as $4 each, depending on credit pack size.
  • You can purchase stock footage through PayPal or credit card. iStock provides these two buying options, so you can buy stock footage any way you want.
  • iStock features a highly searchable library filled with high quality stock content. It has a keywords search engine and advanced filters that allow you to find what you are looking for more easily and faster.
  • The iStock library is organized in topics, collections, categories and more. Find the perfect stock footage however you like by subject, collection and categories.
  • Discover and explore the stock footage you need easily with iStock. The stock media agency displays the most popular and the best match for your creative needs.
  • iStock is backed by one of the leading stock media sources in the Industry – Getty Images. Getty is the stock site’s parent company.

We hope this iStock review will help you decide if it is the best place for you to purchase stock footages. The main highlight of the stock site is the exclusive content you will not find anywhere else. Only a few stock agencies provide exclusive footage at affordable prices. If that’s what you are looking for, iStock is the best option for you.

Something to Look Forward to the Dollar Photo Club Closure

They say that when one door closes, another one opens. It certainly is with the Dollar Photo Club closure. The stock site will terminate all its services on April 15, 2016, which is not necessarily the worst thing that can happen to members. It only means that they have the opportunity to sign up to a better one. Although DPC will transition its members voluntarily to another website, it does not prohibit them from looking for a better substitute.

The Dollar Photo Club offers pretty good features that are hard to beat. It has one of the cheapest individual image pricing in the industry. But once the stock site closes, it will no longer be available to creative users. This means that no further renewals will be processed and payment methods will not be charged in the future. When this happens, be sure that you already found a better alternative.

What should you try?

dpc dollar photo club logo

The 99 Club by Stock Photo Secrets makes a good Dollar Photo Club alternative with its premium collection and one-time fee, no auto-renew subscription. You get to access over 4 million premium stock images for the annual price of $99. Pricing is straightforward so you do not have to pay any additional fees. Included in your subscription are high resolution photos, vectors and fonts. Currently, the stock site does not offer video clips.

99 Club offers stress-free access to millions of professionally created images. In fact, 80,000 more are added every month. For only $99, you can enjoy 200 downloads that you can use whenever you need. If you require larger volumes of images, you can also purchase additional assets for only 99¢ each. All downloads come with a royalty-free standard license, which means you can use the image in any project.

You can download stock images in whatever size you need. The stock photo site offers members the choice of small to double extra-large (XXL) images, allowing you to print at any size confidently. All images also include model and property releases so you do not have to worry about legal issues in the future. Moreover, you can access all photos, vectors and fonts from Stock Photo Secrets’ Ingimage.


The Dollar Photo Club closure opens a new opportunity for its members to be part of a better community. The 99 Club offers pretty much the same kind of product but only better. It offers twice the number of image downloads with no auto-renew billing. It does not have any monthly download limit, so you can download whenever you like – download all you can in a day. Plus, the images do not have expiration, meaning you can use your downloads for as long as you like.

iStock Promo Code: Helping you Save Hundreds to Thousands

istock-by-getty-688Two of the things that websites and blogs need are good graphics and images. Well, you can create one from scratch or you can hire a designer and have it created. But, that’s not usually a wise idea. It costs hundreds of dollars to create a graphic from scratch.

Now, what if you have a blog and you write a post each day then each of that post would need a picture or a graphic to improve your engagements to your viewers? Each of those posts will sometimes need multiple images. Imagine the costs that will take if you have it created by graphic designers.

This is where stock photo comes in and when you use an iStock promo code that further boosts your savings. Look, stock photos can cost only a fraction of what a graphic from scratch can cost. And, the best part of its all is that it’s easy and quick. All you need to do is choose a relevant graphic, download it and use it on your websites or blog posts. Amazing, right?

It’s not just photos that you’ll be able to use with iStock promo codes. You can grab illustrations and vectors, video clips, audio clips, and a lot more to use on your website and blogs. It’s the whole package. You can basically write about any topic and be sure that there is an image that you will be able to use – be it a vector or a clip.

Getting iStock Photos with Coupon Codes


It’s simple. Just purchase a royalty-free license using credits or subscriptions and you’ll be able to start downloading images. Then, use the iStock coupons so you can get your discount and save. You see where this is going right? The more you use, the more you save. You start with hundreds and save thousands of dollars in the process. Now, you see how powerful using stock photos on your sites and blogs can be. And, if you couple that with iStock coupon codes, you can get a great deal. You save time, money, effort.

Now you have a blueprint on how you’ll be able to use these coupons and save 5%, 10% and sometimes even up to 20% of discounts. Imagine the savings you can get while you post hundreds of blog posts over the course of months. That’s thousands of dollars in savings and thousands of hours saved just by simple using stock images and using coupon codes to get an additional discount.

So, as a website creator and blogger, one of the best decisions you are going to make when creating your site and writing your blog is choosing stock images to boost your engagement with your customers, readers and viewers.

5 Cheaper Places to Get Single Images than Adobe

With it’s release of Adobe Stock, Adobe has already won a lot of praise and recognition for some of their innovative moves and quality imagery offerings.  But their pricing plan options aren’t anything too new or revolutionary.  Just like most other big name stock photo vendors, Adobe offers imagery at a subscription rate, or for a per image fee for those users who don’t need as many stock photos as often.  However, unlike some more thrifty options, the per image fee for Adobe Images is fairly high at $10 dollars per download.  If you need images on an on-demand basis, and want to get cheap imagery without paying the high rates for Adobe images, here are five cheaper places to get single images.

1) PhotoSpin


While Adobe offers a “one price fits all” approach for their single image downloads, many other stock photo agencies price their on demand offerings based on image size, definition, and other metrics.  At PhotoSpin, stock photos are priced based on image size.  If you just need a small image, which PhotoSpin categorizes at 864px or 2.5 inches@300ppi, you’ll only spend $2.  Medium images, at 1800px or 6 inches@300ppi, will run you $8.  Compared to the $10 fee for single downloads of Adobe Images, your dollar will go further at PhotoSpin.  While larger images have a higher price attached, small or medium sized imagery at PhotoSpin’s definition will be suitable for many users, and a good deal cheaper for single images than Adobel

2) Dreamstime


One of the attractive elements of Adobe’s on demand image pricing plan is that you can download just one image at a time, whereas many other stock photo agencies require credit bundles for on demand image downloads.  At Dreamstime, the smallest credit package offers 11 images, which may be more than some people will utilize if they aren’t frequent stock photo users.  However, Dreamstime’s 11 credit package only runs $14.99, for a per image download cost of just $1.36.  While the initial investment is a bit higher than the $10 dollar cost of Adobe images, Dreamstime will pay itself off after only buying two images with your 11 credit pack.

3) CanStockPhoto


Again, like Dreamstime, CanStockPhoto doesn’t offer single image downloads per se, but their cheapest credit package costs very little next to Adobe’s on-demand photo fee.  For just $9, less than a single Adobe image, you get a package of 15 credits on CanStockPhoto.  The highest definition large imagery costs only 10 credits, which on a credit to dollar ratio translates into a $6 dollar value.  And unlike Dreamstime, the initial investment for a credit pack at CanStockPhoto is also less than Adobe’s per image fee.

4) StockFresh


At StockFresh, you will need to buy a credit package to download images, but the required investment is very low.  For less than you will spend on a single image at Adobe, you can buy credit bundles that can lead to multiple image downloads.  For $9.99, you get ten image credits from StockFresh, with images ranging from 1 to 10 credits depending on image size and definition.  Even if you need a very high quality, large image download, spending all 10 of those credits on one image at StockFresh will still cost you a little less than Adobe charges for their single image downloads.

5) PhotoDune


If you want incredibly cheap imagery on a per download basis, PhotoDune is a good place to start looking.  The site doesn’t require credit packages, and has near un-beatable deals if you only need a few stock images for a smaller project.  Their smallest image size, labeled “extra small” at 548 by 365 pixels for most images, will run you only a dollar.  If you need larger image sizes the prices go up from there, with many image sizes and small incremental price increases per image.  Their largest “Extra extra large” image offering, at 5760 by 3840 pixels, will only run you $9, again less than Adobe’s flat $10 per image on demand fee.

Why Are Adobe Images More Expensive?

There are a few reasons why Adobe Images are more expensive for on demand, single image downloads than some other places on the web.  First, many new stock photo users can be turned off by the credit system used by many stock photo sites, and would rather spend more to buy imagery with dollars instead of credits.  But for users who don’t like to bother with credits, there are still some options out there a lot cheaper than Adobe, like PhotoDune and PhotoSpin, described above.

The real reason why Adobe can charge more for their on-demand imagery than many other photo sites is probably based on name recognition.  The brand “Adobe” carries a lot of weight, and especially new stock photo users might choose to pay more for that trusted quality.  But if you are looking for absolute value for your dollar, try one of the five sites above for your per image downloads: all beat Adobe on price.

Using Your Adobe Stock Photo Outside of Adobe

adobestockAdobe was smart when they decided to come out with Adobe Stock Photos. After all, they are authors of the world’s leading digital creation software, such as Photoshop and Adobe Flash. In the past users would need to import their own photo into Photoshop in order to give the program material to edit. With the integration of Adobe Stock Photos, users can purchase an image royalty-free, from directly within Adobe’s Creative Cloud apps. You’ll know if you have a Creative Cloud app if the letters CC come after the name of the program. For example, Photoshop CC is the name of the Photoshop app used within the Creative Cloud. The CC part of the name stands for Creative Cloud. This is true for other apps including Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, and others.

The royalty-free license of Adobe Stock service does not mean cost is not involved. Royalty-free is a protective measure used to protect both you (the person acquiring the image) and your client (the person using the acquired image). Should any claim of copyright be thrown around, you can take your receipt from Adobe Stock images and claim that you have every right to use that image. What you are purchasing when you buy a royalty-free image is a is a license to use it without the hidden extra costs of using images that are not royalty-free nor in the public domain.

Just because you purchase a stock photo or image from Adobe does not mean you have to use it within an Adobe app. The image is free for your use in any other program, including as a standalone photo. The one thing you can’t claim is that you’re the one who took the photo. However, you don’t have to give credit to Adobe Stock images every time you use the picture. Examples include other photography computer programs, such as Corel Painter or Corel Paint Shop.


Most people who subscribe to stock photo imaging services are involved in marketing in one way or another. There are many ways you can use stock photography to increase your presence on the Internet. You can use your images purchase from Adobe Stock on your homepage. As someone who uses other Adobe apps, you’re well aware that you don’t need to use the images as they come. In fact, that is why Photoshop exists – it allows you to edit the image to create the impact that you’re looking for. Find the image you wish to use and put it on your homepage as a large background image relating to your service.


Use Adobe images on your landing pages. These landing pages are among the first things a visitor sees when they visit your website. By choosing an image that relates to the particular service that you’re trying offer on your landing page, you increase your chances of a visitor staying on the landing page long enough to enter their email address. The effect cannot be achieved using text alone.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and Facebook is proof of that. When you use images in your Facebook posts, people are much more likely to view your content, like your content and join in on the conversation. Time is valuable, and many people fallen to the TLDR crowd. This is a group of individuals who read refuse to read posts that are too long – TLDR stands for “too long, didn’t read.” You can solve this issue with a photo or an infographic to convey your information.

Use them in your CTAs – Call to Actions. This is the small area at the end of a blog post or article that invites the readers to perform an action, such as visiting a website or entering the email address for more information. Any inbound marketer knows that a CTA must follow every single blog post. As marketers comprise the majority of the people who use stock photo imaging services, using them in your CTAs is an excellent marketing strategy.

Another marketing technique you can use for Adobe Stock images is email campaigns. As a marketer, your entire goal is to create conversions. This is much more likely to happen if you include images in your marketing campaigns. All of the images you use in your email campaigns can come from Adobe’s stock photo library.

Use them in your blog posts. Blog posts don’t have to contain words – they can include carefully chosen images from Adobe’s image services. In fact, if you want to increase your readership, consider using stock photos from Adobe’s image library as headers for your blog posts.

The most common use for stock photo images before they ever make it to market is in productivity software, such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint. Microsoft PowerPoint is specifically a visual program. Consider making a bigger impact with your next presentation using Adobe’s stock images.

The point is very simple – there are many more uses for Adobe’s stock image library then within Adobe’s suite of programs. You’ll most likely use them for marketing purposes, and there are several other programs that you can integrate into marketing strategy than just Photoshop. Apple’s suite of productivity software such as Keynote can also make excellent use of Adobe Stock Imagery. Explore the methods and find out other ways you can use Adobe’s new Stock Service.

6 Recommended Sites for the World’s Cheapest Stock Photos

Finding the world’s cheapest stock photos online has just gotten a lot easier. In today’s post we’re simply going to spell out the best stock photo deals you can find online. Whether you’ve got a big business or just need access to a few high-quality royalty-free stock photos each week, these 6 recommended sites will give you the price and quantity that fits your budget.


  1. 99 Club

As one of the newest offerings for the cheapest stock photos, 99Club stands to be one of the best available on the web. Not only are there no download limits put onto you, you gain access to millions of stock photos with tens of thousands added every single month.

Perfect for business owners caught in the middle when it comes to finding the perfect stock photo solution, 99Club gives you access to 200 XXL stock photo images for an entire year at the low price of $99. Since every image you download from 99Club costs you just $0.49, this recommended site offers you some of the cheapest stock photos in the world.

Quality is always a top priority on this site so every image is high res and royalty-free. Plus if you download all 200 images and need more, every additional photo costs you just $1 always. For medium-sized and small businesses, this stock photo solution is top notch. It takes just minutes to sign up for Stock Photo Secrets 99club and for the low price of $99 you gain access to a full year’s worth of high-quality stock photos.


  1. StockPhotoSecrets Free Trial

Perhaps the easiest way to get the cheapest stock photos is to not have to pay for them at all. With the Stock Photo Secrets free trial, you gain access to 7 days of free stock photo downloads. Not only will you have the choice between over 2 million stock photos, you’ll also be able to search and browse vectors, icons, and illustrations.

With seven days of downloading, you will get a total of 35 free images to use for all of your creative and design projects. Every image you download through this free trial offer is yours forever and you have no obligation to continue.

Don’t hesitate on this offer because it won’t necessarily be available from us forever. Gain access to your 35 free images with no obligation by accepting the Stock Photo Secrets free trial offer today! Even if you already have stock photo subscription, sign up and download the free images. It’ll save you money.


  1. Dollar Photo Club

With perhaps the absolutely most simple business model in the stock photo industry, Dollar Photo Club (check DPC alternative here) stands by their promise that every image on their site costs just $1 always. Geared specifically for small businesses and solo-preneurs who don’t need hefty volumes of high-quality, royalty-free stock photos but still want access to the best, Dollar Photo Club offers a low cost way to get what you need.

Although 99Club has beaten Dollar Photo Club’s offer, people may still be interested in how low commitment this service is. For as little as $10 per month or $99 per year, businesses can gain access to 10 or 99 stock photos respectfully. Although this is not a good deal for larger businesses with high-volume stock photo needs, it does offer a solution to business owners, marketers, and graphic designers who need only a limited amount of stock photos every month or week.

To get started on Dollar Photo Club, you need to choice either the monthly or yearly subscription plan. For undisclosed reasons, the monthly plan only accepts about 30% of applicants while everyone can gain access to the $99 yearly subscription. If you’re looking for a hassle-free, cheap stock photo experience, this solution might work for you. If you use all the photos in your subscription and need more, don’t worry because you can download as many as you want for just $1 each.


  1. Fotolia

Perhaps one of the best options for companies with high-volume stock photo needs, Fotolia has just made gaining access to their vast archive of 35 million stock photos even easier and cheaper. Whether you choose their daily subscription plan or the monthly credit pack, you will have instant access to tons of high-resolution stock photos and vector images.

The subscription pack gives you some of the best prices per image if you use all your downloads. If you need 25 or more photos per day on a regular basis, Fotolia’s subscription plan will give you access to some of the cheapest stock photos in the world. For example, if you need 25 downloads per day, you have the choice of paying either $249 for 1 month at just $0.33 per image or save $668 by purchasing a yearlong subscription and drop the price per image down to just $0.26.

At Fotlia, the price per image gets extremely low as you opt in for a bigger subscription plan. If you need 500 downloads per day for example, you get each photo for just $0.19 when you buy a yearlong plan.

But if you don’t need that many photos you can also get the monthly credit packs and pays as you go. Besides offering some good prices per image, Fotolia is offering 20% off your first monthly stock photo pack. In each of these packs you get to download either XXL photos or medium images. For just $120, you get access to 100 XXL images or 200 medium images. That means you’re paying just $0.80 per XXL image and $0.40 per medium images.


  1. Big Stock Photo

Another great way to get the cheapest stock photos for your business without sacrificing quality is to sign up for the Big Stock Photo Free trial. This offer gives you access to BigStock’s huge selection of high-quality photos, vectors, and illustrations. Since you’ll be able to search and browse over 23 million royalty-free stock photos, your selection will be vast and unique.

The Big Stock free trial gives you access to 14 days of free photo downloads with 5 free downloads per day. Simply by signing up, you get 70 images for free that can be used for your business’s marketing or designs. That’s a $70 savings when compared to the Dollar Photo Club offer. Even after the trial is up, you can redownload images you’ve already licensed for no additional fee. BigStock also has great customer service even for people like you who are just using the free trial. They’re easy to reach at almost every time of the day so you’re questions and concerns are dealt with promptly and without delay.

When you sign up, you’ll instantly be able to browse and search through one of the world’s best stock photo companies. It’s easy to get started and is hassle-free. We recommend that you take advantage of these free stock photo trials because that is the best way for you to save money and still get the high quality photos you need.


  1. Deposit Photos

As a Stock Photo Secrets reader, we want to also extend to you some free credits at DepositPhotos. After you sign up for this free offer, you’ll find that you just got 5 free credits in your account that are ready to be used to start downloading amazing stock photos. Plus if you decide to upgrade and get a subscription, you’ll automatically get 15% off just for signing up for this free offer.

DepositPhotos offers you millions of high-resolution, royalty-free stock photos, vectors, illustrations, and HD video clips all in the same location. If you are looking for monthly or daily subscription plans. The prices get cheaper the more images as you subscribe to more images for longer periods of time. For example, if you subscribe to the 20 images per day for one month, you’ll pay only $0.30 per image. But if you subscribe for the same plan for a whole year each image only costs you $0.22. For people with larger volume stock photo needs, DepositPhotos offers a solution to gain you access to some of the cheapest stock photos available.

Finding the Cheapest Stock Photos for You

In order to take full advantage of our recommended options you will need to know what kind of stock photo needs your business has. In this article we’ve presented you the best places to get cheap stock photos. But depending on the volume of stock photos you need every week or month, the cheapest option for you will differ. If you’re uncertain about how many photos you need, we recommend starting with a free trial. But if you know you need photos regularly, sign up for 99Club.

Do you have any questions about getting access to the cheapest stock photos? Please share them in the comments today!

Our Dollar Photo Club Review

Now that people have greater access to information, the collaboration between a photo website and computer can be more effective than ever before. Compared to a decade ago, many more image download websites that provide high resolution pictures are available now. Unfortunately, the myriad of heavy stock photo websites that are open to all promise a lot but deliver overused images. People face the challenge of sorting through all these images. Read more infos about DPC in this other Dollar Photo Club Review here.

Why this Dollar Photo Club Review?

Dollar Photo Club Logo

A good image website knows its market, understand its users’ concerns and keeps on top of current trends in the image field. For photo enthusiasts, goes beyond just providing photos and virtual uploads and downloads. A savvy shopper can now perform detailed enhancement of their photos, get royalty free stock photos for less and add thousands of images to their personal folders. And just how effective is this website in ultimately creating that family album? Today’s member with Dollar Photo Club face an array of choices when it comes to online images. Take the time to review all your options before whittling them down to choose few that you would enjoy looking at every day. With a new membership and $1 an image you will get the best resolution and high quality snapshot.

dollar-photo-club-memberNarrowing Your Choices – Credits, Subscription or DPC?

Fotolia (Infos Wikipedia) stock photo company is the brainchild behind this website that mainly attracts heavy stock photo clients. The audience network is small because this website is exclusively reserved for it members. And the best part is, the images do not quickly become overused just like it happens in other photo websites because only members are accessing them. Currently, the Dollar Photo Club or DPC has more than 26 million images and vectors that are of high resolution. There are no hidden fees when you sign up and no commitment to make. By signing for a membership account, you are entitled to choose either a monthly stock photo subscription or an annual stock photo subscription. Each choice comes with various features like how many images you can upload or download. Features that are common to both types of subscriptions include unlimited print runs, royalty free licenses that are ready for business, unlimited usage of images, images that are social media ready and much else.

Between The Lines of Stock Image Plans

Plans differ. Which type of plan is right for you? A regular plan is only $10 per month that lets you download 10 highest quality images each month. And with annual plan for $99 per year, you can download up to 99 images. As you sign up for membership, you will realize that there are plenty of actions you can take to reach your photo album goal. There are number of features to help you manage your photo collection. Or if you prefer, you can seem download the images to your computer. By taking the time to learn these features you will get a good handle on how to use this website and see clearly what you can get. If you are not happy with the website you are also entitled to a risk free money back guarantee deal. Just ask for a refund within the first month and the company will gladly accept your request. You can contact their customer service at 800-692-3830 or email at They will also help you analyze the plans and let you gain good grasp of its usage.

Last But Not Least – our final thoughts about the 1$ Photo Club!

Search Results


The prices are simplified for your convenience. With other photo websites, high quality, high-resolution images can cost anywhere from a few cents to up to hundreds of dollars. You may come across an image that is being sold for a cent and another image for 10 bucks. With this website, you know what you are paying collectively. You may view this option as a way to save money because you are paying a fixed price. There is no confusion with plans, all you need to do is choose the one that fits your tastes, interests and budget.

Dollar Photo Club – Affordable Stock Images

Finding a dependable and economical source for royalty-free high-resolution images has just become a lot easier. The new Dollar Photo Club provides an online photo resource for creative professionals looking for exclusive access to high-quality, royalty-free, and affordable stock photos.

The Advantages of Becoming a Dollar Photo Club Member

Dollar Photo Club Screenshot

DPC’s image database is open for anyone to search; you can check it out for yourself at , but be careful when you do: I searched for “kittens” at this site, and an hour later realized that I had been completely overwhelmed by the cuteness of it all! However, DPC is a members-only club when it comes to getting downloadable access to images. Once you’ve purchased a Stock Photo Subscription, as a member of the club you have access to 25 million images. The general public is excluded from using them, however, and this is precisely the club’s purpose: exclusivity.

Dollar Photo has a low monthly subscription rate of $10. Becoming a member is free in the sense that you can, during the month, download ten of its images. That’s $1 an image. Of course you can buy as many images as you choose: they are all, under every circumstance, $1 an image. The advantages of exclusive access at such an affordable price are obvious.

Joining the club definitely has its benefits. The creative professional will appreciate the fact that, with exclusive access to this image database, the chances of running up against your image used on someone else’s site are minimized. In fact, the club screens applications for membership when they first come in, to minimize the possiblity of such embarrassing circumstances occurring.

This Photo Club is beautifully simple

dollar-photo-club-logoThe beauty of this stock-photo subscription is its simplicity. There is only one option under which you can jon the club. Membership is limited to creative professionals who are prescreened. Once you’re a member, you have unlimited access to the millions of images, growing daily in number, available anytime at .

Paying $1 for each photo has its advantages. You don’t have to worry about how many times a day you access the image, or about how many times you use it in your projects: you basically have that image to use as you choose. You aren’t limited by print runs or regions. And there are no hidden charges: as the folks at insist, “The first rule of Dollar Photo Club is: all images are $1. The second rule is: ALL IMAGES ARE $1.” It couldn’t be said more simply and more clearly. And you don’t need to worry about issues like credit card expiration: if you bought the image for a dollar, it’s yours to use whenever and wherever you choose.

It’s curated by Stock Images Specialists is the brain-child of stock-photo mega-company Fotolia. This stock-photo site has nearly 30 million royalty-free images in its database at present, a number that is growing daily. Unlike, it is open to the public – no membership fees required. Customers buy “credits” and use these credits to purchase images, which vary in price. The goal is to throw the image database open to as many online customers as possible, making it a kind of Walmart among stock-photo companies. When it created its dollar-photo option, its goal was to limit customers to users with definite professional and creative goals. By offering its images at $1 an image and requiring users to register as members, DPC can both access its parent’s skills and content and provide exclusive customers select access to a more focussed and inexpensive database.

If you’d like to learn more about these online stock-photo sites and ways to locate and use royalty-free stock photos, check out more infos here.