Something to Look Forward to the Dollar Photo Club Closure

They say that when one door closes, another one opens. It certainly is with the Dollar Photo Club closure. The stock site will terminate all its services on April 15, 2016, which is not necessarily the worst thing that can happen to members. It only means that they have the opportunity to sign up to a better one. Although DPC will transition its members voluntarily to another website, it does not prohibit them from looking for a better substitute.

The Dollar Photo Club offers pretty good features that are hard to beat. It has one of the cheapest individual image pricing in the industry. But once the stock site closes, it will no longer be available to creative users. This means that no further renewals will be processed and payment methods will not be charged in the future. When this happens, be sure that you already found a better alternative.

What should you try?

dpc dollar photo club logo

The 99 Club by Stock Photo Secrets makes a good Dollar Photo Club alternative with its premium collection and one-time fee, no auto-renew subscription. You get to access over 4 million premium stock images for the annual price of $99. Pricing is straightforward so you do not have to pay any additional fees. Included in your subscription are high resolution photos, vectors and fonts. Currently, the stock site does not offer video clips.

99 Club offers stress-free access to millions of professionally created images. In fact, 80,000 more are added every month. For only $99, you can enjoy 200 downloads that you can use whenever you need. If you require larger volumes of images, you can also purchase additional assets for only 99¢ each. All downloads come with a royalty-free standard license, which means you can use the image in any project.

You can download stock images in whatever size you need. The stock photo site offers members the choice of small to double extra-large (XXL) images, allowing you to print at any size confidently. All images also include model and property releases so you do not have to worry about legal issues in the future. Moreover, you can access all photos, vectors and fonts from Stock Photo Secrets’ Ingimage.


The Dollar Photo Club closure opens a new opportunity for its members to be part of a better community. The 99 Club offers pretty much the same kind of product but only better. It offers twice the number of image downloads with no auto-renew billing. It does not have any monthly download limit, so you can download whenever you like – download all you can in a day. Plus, the images do not have expiration, meaning you can use your downloads for as long as you like.