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Finding a dependable and economical source for royalty-free high-resolution images has just become a lot easier. The new Dollar Photo Club provides an online photo resource for creative professionals looking for exclusive access to high-quality, royalty-free, and affordable stock photos.

The Advantages of Becoming a Dollar Photo Club Member

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DPC’s image database is open for anyone to search; you can check it out for yourself at , but be careful when you do: I searched for “kittens” at this site, and an hour later realized that I had been completely overwhelmed by the cuteness of it all! However, DPC is a members-only club when it comes to getting downloadable access to images. Once you’ve purchased a Stock Photo Subscription, as a member of the club you have access to 25 million images. The general public is excluded from using them, however, and this is precisely the club’s purpose: exclusivity.

Dollar Photo has a low monthly subscription rate of $10. Becoming a member is free in the sense that you can, during the month, download ten of its images. That’s $1 an image. Of course you can buy as many images as you choose: they are all, under every circumstance, $1 an image. The advantages of exclusive access at such an affordable price are obvious.

Joining the club definitely has its benefits. The creative professional will appreciate the fact that, with exclusive access to this image database, the chances of running up against your image used on someone else’s site are minimized. In fact, the club screens applications for membership when they first come in, to minimize the possiblity of such embarrassing circumstances occurring.

This Photo Club is beautifully simple

dollar-photo-club-logoThe beauty of this stock-photo subscription is its simplicity. There is only one option under which you can jon the club. Membership is limited to creative professionals who are prescreened. Once you’re a member, you have unlimited access to the millions of images, growing daily in number, available anytime at .

Paying $1 for each photo has its advantages. You don’t have to worry about how many times a day you access the image, or about how many times you use it in your projects: you basically have that image to use as you choose. You aren’t limited by print runs or regions. And there are no hidden charges: as the folks at insist, “The first rule of Dollar Photo Club is: all images are $1. The second rule is: ALL IMAGES ARE $1.” It couldn’t be said more simply and more clearly. And you don’t need to worry about issues like credit card expiration: if you bought the image for a dollar, it’s yours to use whenever and wherever you choose.

It’s curated by Stock Images Specialists is the brain-child of stock-photo mega-company Fotolia. This stock-photo site has nearly 30 million royalty-free images in its database at present, a number that is growing daily. Unlike, it is open to the public – no membership fees required. Customers buy “credits” and use these credits to purchase images, which vary in price. The goal is to throw the image database open to as many online customers as possible, making it a kind of Walmart among stock-photo companies. When it created its dollar-photo option, its goal was to limit customers to users with definite professional and creative goals. By offering its images at $1 an image and requiring users to register as members, DPC can both access its parent’s skills and content and provide exclusive customers select access to a more focussed and inexpensive database.

If you’d like to learn more about these online stock-photo sites and ways to locate and use royalty-free stock photos, check out more infos here.

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