iStock Review: What You Need to Know about their Offers

iStock is one of the leading stock media agencies in the market. It is famous for its vast library of high quality stock assets and being one of the few stock sites that offer exclusive content. As a valuable source of affordable stock content, the stock site is a very reliable source of stock footage, images, and illustrations. It has been in the industry for over 15 years and are backed by the renowned Getty Images. If you are looking for unique stock footage, iStock is the place to go.

Here is an iStock review:

  • The stock media site has millions of footage clips in its collection that covers all themes and styles. You can purchase from Essentials collection, which is low-priced, or from the Signature collection for higher quality and exclusive stock footage. Whatever you need, you will surely find it here.
  • iStock offers various stock footage in different resolutions. Majority of the stock videos are in HD, including 4K. SD videos are also available.
  • All stock footage are available with royalty-free license. You can use them multiple times in any project for as long as you like for one-time flat fee.
  • Stock footages are priced based on collection and not by resolution. Essentials footages are available at 6 credits each. On the other hand, Signature footages can be bought at 18 credits each.
  • iStock also allows you to purchase footages a la carte with company credits. These credits never expire and offer discounts from regular credit price. Individual credit prices start at $12 each. Purchasing credit packs allow you to purchase them for as low as $4 each, depending on credit pack size.
  • You can purchase stock footage through PayPal or credit card. iStock provides these two buying options, so you can buy stock footage any way you want.
  • iStock features a highly searchable library filled with high quality stock content. It has a keywords search engine and advanced filters that allow you to find what you are looking for more easily and faster.
  • The iStock library is organized in topics, collections, categories and more. Find the perfect stock footage however you like by subject, collection and categories.
  • Discover and explore the stock footage you need easily with iStock. The stock media agency displays the most popular and the best match for your creative needs.
  • iStock is backed by one of the leading stock media sources in the Industry – Getty Images. Getty is the stock site’s parent company.

We hope this iStock review will help you decide if it is the best place for you to purchase stock footages. The main highlight of the stock site is the exclusive content you will not find anywhere else. Only a few stock agencies provide exclusive footage at affordable prices. If that’s what you are looking for, iStock is the best option for you.

iStock Promo Code: Helping you Save Hundreds to Thousands

istock-by-getty-688Two of the things that websites and blogs need are good graphics and images. Well, you can create one from scratch or you can hire a designer and have it created. But, that’s not usually a wise idea. It costs hundreds of dollars to create a graphic from scratch.

Now, what if you have a blog and you write a post each day then each of that post would need a picture or a graphic to improve your engagements to your viewers? Each of those posts will sometimes need multiple images. Imagine the costs that will take if you have it created by graphic designers.

This is where stock photo comes in and when you use an iStock promo code that further boosts your savings. Look, stock photos can cost only a fraction of what a graphic from scratch can cost. And, the best part of its all is that it’s easy and quick. All you need to do is choose a relevant graphic, download it and use it on your websites or blog posts. Amazing, right?

It’s not just photos that you’ll be able to use with iStock promo codes. You can grab illustrations and vectors, video clips, audio clips, and a lot more to use on your website and blogs. It’s the whole package. You can basically write about any topic and be sure that there is an image that you will be able to use – be it a vector or a clip.

Getting iStock Photos with Coupon Codes


It’s simple. Just purchase a royalty-free license using credits or subscriptions and you’ll be able to start downloading images. Then, use the iStock coupons so you can get your discount and save. You see where this is going right? The more you use, the more you save. You start with hundreds and save thousands of dollars in the process. Now, you see how powerful using stock photos on your sites and blogs can be. And, if you couple that with iStock coupon codes, you can get a great deal. You save time, money, effort.

Now you have a blueprint on how you’ll be able to use these coupons and save 5%, 10% and sometimes even up to 20% of discounts. Imagine the savings you can get while you post hundreds of blog posts over the course of months. That’s thousands of dollars in savings and thousands of hours saved just by simple using stock images and using coupon codes to get an additional discount.

So, as a website creator and blogger, one of the best decisions you are going to make when creating your site and writing your blog is choosing stock images to boost your engagement with your customers, readers and viewers.